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Biographie : Wall aluminum composite panel is a new kind of decoration material. Its surface is the coated aluminum sheet with chemical treatment. ACP is a kind of compounding material by using PE as the core material, and fabricated on the specialized manufacturing equipment. Aluminum composite panel has its unique performance,so it is widely used in many areas as outer walls of buildings, cladding, renovation of old buildings, billboards, etc. Aluminum composite panel is commonly used in china.

Technical Specification:
Size1-6mmTolerance + 0.04mm
Skin thickness0.05mm-0.5mmTolerance + 0.01mm
Width1000-1560mmTolerance + 2mm
Length800mm-6000mmTolerance + 3mm
Standard Size1220*2440mm
Non-standard sizes and special colors are available according to customers' request
Our ALCEBOND brand logo. the thickness is 0.07mm&0.08mm
Physical data:
Panel Density (3mm panel)3.75kg/m2
Peel Strength≥5.0N/mm
Impact Strength50kg/cm2
Coating thickness≥18μm
Pencil hardness≥2H
Temperature Resistance-40℃~80℃
1. Building Exterior wall cladding
2. Old building wall decoration reformation
3. Balconies, shop face decoration
4. Interior wall, ceilings, balconies, kitchen, bathroom.
5. Sign board, Platforms and advertisement boards
Tunnel and other industrial usages
What services can we provide?
Best value service:
Free sample( including opening slot, offering sample card), free installation diagram and instructions. People oriented, best value service.
Technology support from international famous partnership, so we can provide professional technology guide.
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Complete equipment, integration production, to ensure on-time delivery.
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